australian sue.

I came down here to prove a point. But what exactly was it that I was trying to prove? And who the hell was I trying to prove it to? Share This…

My Surgery.

When I initially brainstormed my thoughts on this whole “chopping off my cancerous tits” process I started with the words “My Surgery” at the center of this new little universe that I was about to dive head-first in to. Well, it’s been a month+ since I doodled that initial mind-map and I must say, damn, […]

My Momma Sue.

So, as you might have heard, this whole process has definitely sucked. And I know what you’re thinking/have been asking me, and I’ve been selfishly not answering – Rachael what process? You had a surgery, but what was the actual surgery? What is this weird “pump up session” you posted about? When is your next […]

My Insurance.

Just one week after my prophylactic double mastectomy, which as you know, was made possible for me by the Affordable Care Act, I plucked up the courage (aka wine + valium) and watched President Trump’s #JointAddress and listened to Colorado Senator Cory Gardner’s #GardnerTownHall. Now I know you might be thinking, “this blog is called […]

My Wish.

I wish I could say I was sleeping. I wish I could say while I was lying awake at night not sleeping, I was writing a more thought out and concise post that explained what this surgery actually entails. I wish I could say I’ve spent the past month kicking ass at my job. I […]

My Secret.

I hate my breasts. There. I said it. My deep dark little secret that I have only ever drunkenly told my insignificant man-friends who have no idea that I lost my mother to Breast Cancer and will probably never care to know what the BRCA2 genetic mutation actually is. Share This…

My Letter.

Dear Senator, When I was 9 years old, my mom passed away from Breast Cancer. I never met her mother because she died from Breast Cancer before I was born. When I was 22, I was tested for the BRCA genetic mutation. It was positive for the BRCA2 gene and through no act of my […]